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A powerful voice, intelligent lyrics, fine guitar work...


Bruce performs original contemporary ballads about love, loss, the environment, power, passion and zombies!.  Intelligent lyrics are carried by a fine voice that will take you on an emotional ride from sadness to joy. 


Bruce has strong interests in social justice and environmental sustainability, which feature strongly in his catalogue.  Reflecting on love, romance, friendship and yearning add to the mix.  Not to mention the occasional quirky number!


Bruce plays solo and in his 4-piece, Bruce Campbell & The CommonGround.   In these various guises Bruce plays regularly in south eastern Australia.

Bruce has released four EPs:  Our Beach in June 2017, HUSH in June 2018, Another World Ends in October 2018 and Anthropocene in September 2019.  Bruce's song Way I Was Way I Am has received more than half a million streams. 2024 will see two more EP releases:  This Life and Don't Wanna Be A Cowboy No More.

Bruce Campbell Original Music

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